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Peetra Samuels & Ernest Jackson — Minted

Peetra Samuels


Ernest Jackson

Bride Tribe


Matron of Honor

Talk about someone that knows you more than yourself sometimes, that’s San. From my happiest moments to my darkest secrets, San has always been my lock box. From the very beginning ten plus years ago to today, our friendship has grown stronger by the day. Inseparable? Ya, that’s the word for us. The love we share for each other is beyond real and I can’t wait for us to spend another ten years together. 


Maid of Honor

You know that one person that will always have your best interest at heart? Well that’s Lisa. It’s been ten years of rocking with each other, and I can say we are more like sisters than friends. We are Lisa and Para, there are no words to describe the love and care we have for each other. The way we root for each other is unmatched. I know if I want a judgement free, unbiased, honest opinion, I’m calling Lisa. 



Tyrah may be the youngest in the circle but she is also the most reliable and thoughtful person you will meet. Growing up as sisters was filled with adventure and fun. If you know Tyrah, then you know she’s on the dance floor once the line music comes on. Her energetic personality pushes me to simply do more. 



The big cousin that always looked out for me, from the age of twelve to today Crissy has been by my side. Always with open and helping arms. A voice of reason that I know will give great advice and guidance. Our relationship has grown over the years and we have built a connection that can’t be broken. 



From 2011 high school days to today, Clair has always been there for me, keeping me grounded and leveled, while staying authentic and genuine. Clair is one of those friends that you may not need to speak to everyday, but best believe she has already said a prayer for you and had you on her mind. 



Right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, lol that’s all Green. We may not have know each other a long time but in these last 2 years, we have become not only business partners, but great friends. Bouncing ideas off each other, staying up until 5 am planning and strategizing. Being able to talk about life and all that comes with it. Learning from someone in a successful marriage for sixteen years and counting. I am happy to have such a close example of what a wife should embody.