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Peetra Samuels & Ernest Jackson — Minted

Peetra Samuels


Ernest Jackson

Groom Squad

Best Man - MICKAL

Mickal is my first cousin, but we grew up as brothers. Like many growing up, you tend to pick up habits from one another, and the one I picked up from Mickal was to save the milk from cereal and save it for the next day (it taste better). Nonetheless, Mickal is a very charismatic and social person, and as brothers growing up there would be no better person to be my Best Man. 

Groomsman - AMEEKO

Meeko is my 2nd oldest brother and from the beginning of my life until now, Meeko as we call him is my “big little brother”. He tends to say the “random and goofy” things, but he is very kindhearted and true. If you talk to Meeko long enough, you will see this. Thank Meek. 


Montreal “teal” is my cousin. I have known Treal for well over 15 years. He is by far the most interesting personality I know. He is well versed in the business world and gives me advice from time to time. He is extremely charismatic and polite. I remember in my childhood playing basketball with him on the court, good times.


Khalfani is a colleague and a friend. A person you would like to have around if you are having a difficult day. Often playing music and laughing, its rare to find a person which such a good sprit and out look on life. Khalfani has gave me great advice when it comes to home ownership and being a future husband.


While I have not known Double for long time, it feels as though I have known him for several years. Double up is a very down-to-earth person, patient and speaks his mind. He is a colleague of mine, but I call him my friend. 

Groomsman - Jesse

Thank you for all the lessons you've taught me and even if you will never admit it, I have you right in the palm of my hand. Thank you for always protecting me, and also letting me fall but being there to pick me up. Thanks Jesse for being a great brother and for being apart of my wedding day.