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Peetra Samuels & Ernest Jackson — Minted

Peetra Samuels


Ernest Jackson

Peetra Samuels and Ernest Jackson

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Our Story

Hello, everyone! Its Peetra and Ernest, here is a part of our love story.

It all started virtually as we met online. It started with small chit-chat conversations then to long phone conversations. At that time I was either working or talking on the phone with pair (my nickname for her). On October 8, 2019 I asked her to be my girlfriend. My first visit to Florida was an odd one, since this was my first time ever traveling to see someone and didn’t know what to expect. Nonetheless, I arrived in what seemed to be the worlds' smallest airport in Tallahassee. When I stepped out the airport, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She had on a velvet black dress with a collar extension which wrapped around her neck (till this day this is still my favorite dress on her). She showed me around town and we had our first official date at Applebee's. We talked for hours and from there our relationship took off. From that moment, I knew we had something special.

After 8 months of traveling back and forth we decided that one of us should move to the other. I was on the verge of quitting my job so it made sense for me and Layla (my fur baby) to take the big step and move to Michigan. How I would handle the cold was my only thought. Nonetheless, I made it through my first winter in Michigan, INSIDE! After a year in Michigan I knew I wasn’t leaving so we decided to put down roots and build a house and life together.

Building our first home was a dream come true,
but little did I know that I had an even bigger surprise in store. With a heart full of love and nerves, I got down on one knee and asked Pair to be mine forever, while she was live on the same app we met on.

As our 3 year anniversary approached we decided not to do anything big since we already had a big birthday party planned for me (3 weeks later). To my surprise he asked me to stand up, while he got down on one knee, then there was the big question. Of course I SAID YES! I was able to celebrate my birthday and this shocking engagement with my friends. I am so happy to have met a man like Nesto. A man that cares for me and treats me like a princess. To wake up everyday next to him is a dream come true.

I am beyond grateful for every moment we've shared and every milestone we've achieved. I couldn't be happier to call Pair my partner for life.

On April 4, 2024 surrounded by our loved ones, we will begin a new chapter, with new milestone, new memories, new adventures and a lifelong friendship and partnership.